Just a few short months after purchasing a 74% stake in ESL from Turtle Entertainment, Modern Times Group has been reported to have purchased DreamHack in its entirety for roughly $24million USD.

In what DreamHack calls a fourth chapter in their story, they feel confident about their plans to set up multiple other events in other countries. It was stressed that the previous management team still is in charge and that will not be changing any time soon, if at all. The purpose of having MTG as their owner is only to have a stable backing so DreamHack and work on expanding and improving their festivals.

“DreamHack is built on a true do-it-yourself mentality,” says DreamHack CEO Marcus Lindmark,

“Something I experienced as volunteer crew back in 2002 but also now as CEO. As part of that DNA, we have already achieved great things and will continue to do that in the future. But in order to take next leap, from being equal size of a normal swedish music festival and become global event company – we believe that MTG is a perfect owner of DreamHack the coming years.”

With DreamHack being the number one game festival in the world, fans are justifiably skeptical about the idea of a giant television corporation purchasing one of the world’s largest eSports companies. By acquiring a huge portion of ESL, part of ESEA and all of DreamHack, Modern Times Group is dangerously close to having a monopoly over professional gaming. As promising as this change could be for the festival’s future, it could just as well spell a bleak outcome. Tomas Lyckedal, DreamHack’s Business Development Director, released the following statement in the press release:

“DreamHack is entering the most exciting chapter yet, where we get the opportunity to truly develop the DreamHack brand in the direction we only could dream about. MTG have a strong strategy and esports vision, where we can play an important role but DreamHack is also adding something completely unique to that vision”.

While the fans are nervous to see just where this takes the company, DreamHack staff appears to be very excited about the coming changes.

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