With the team shuffle train gaining speed, Giants Gaming has announced that they have begun hosting tryouts for the League of Legends 2016 season.

The positions they will be looking to fill are jungler and top lane, as the organization revealed that both Jorge “Werlyb” Casanovas and Federico “Fr3deric” Lizondo have been granted permission to announce themselves as free agents so they can look for other teams to join.

Giants Gaming made sure to stress that this doesn’t necessarily signify that the players will be departing the team, though. This is apparently just an offer for the players to test the waters and look at what options are available to them to, “Solve the condition of their contracts which could expire on a not-appropriate date regarding the transfer market.”

To emphasize that the announcement isn’t something fans need to be worrying about so early in the game, they’ve taken to making jokes about the situation on Twitter:


With that being said, Giants Gaming made no mention of what would happen to the more promising candidates if either player remained with the team; it’s possible that those who perform well could end up as an official substitute.

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