DreamHack Winter will be marking the return of the DreamHack All–Stars, the event’s official Heroes of the Storm tournament, according to an announcement made by the tournament organizer Thursday.

This will be the second All-Stars tournament, with the first two taking place at DreamHack Summer and Valencia respectively, but is promised to be the much larger than the previous ones. This time around we are expected to see eight teams participating in the event through direct invites and open qualifiers, as opposed to the tournament only featuring four teams. The prize pool has also been raised to $25,000, which is $10,000 more than the recent DreamHack All-Stars 2015 Valencia.

Unlike its predecessors, however, this does not appear to be sponsored by Turtle Beach as the announcement article made no mention of the brand, and it is no longer associated with the All-Stars title.

The tournament will run from November 26th to the 27th in a best of three GSL-style group stage, with best of five playoffs for top four.

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