To say that the past year has been a busy one in terms of ethics in professional gaming would be something of an understatement. What with the recent StarCraft 2 match fixing scandal, Valve suspending and banning nearly 2 dozen CS:GO players for match-fixing and other forms of cheating, drug scandals forcing ESL to lay ground rules… As impressive as things have been for eSports, including record-smashing prize pools, we all knew it was a matter of time before someone stepped up to the plate and offered a way to get the liars and the cheaters out of the picture.

For the first time since the industry took off, competitive gaming is finally being introduced to an integrity certification program. Created by eSports wagering company Unikrn and adopted by FACEIT, the program is hoped to, “Promote industry-wide best practices that ensure the legitimacy of match results in events organized by Unikrn partners.”

Bryce Blum, Unikrn Director of eSports and program author, says that the plan needs to be, “As innovative as the games themselves. We need to establish industry-wide standards, share information, and harness our collective resources to achieve the results we can’t obtain individually.”

The plan is to look at everyone in the industry, from tournament organizers to head coaches, and develop a system that can protect the integrity of professional gaming. By establishing constant communication between necessary parties, Unikrn hopes to be a revolutionary force for eSports. Unikrn wants to set codes of conduct, investigation standards, anti-cheating measures and specific rulesets for both LAN and online competitions into motion, as well as anything in between that they feel will benefit the industry.

They hope to show how effective and beneficial their plan is with FACEIT, their first partner, which is the leading online competitive gaming organizer that has already partnered with DreamHack for the FACEIT CS:GO League Season Final in November. FACEIT co-founder and COO Michele Attisani says, “We’re happy to work with Unikrn to begin the important work of making eSports as fair as possible. This means players and spectators can focus on seeing gameplay at the highest level of skill. This is a win for everyone.”


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