After disbanding their former Heroes of the Storm team early July of this year, only a handful of months after signing, Team Dignitas has confirmed that they are reentering the scene with a brand new team. In the announcement they explained that even though they had remained silent on why the team initially disbanded, with little word on whether or not a new team would be signed in their stead, Team Dignitas knew they, “Didn’t want to stay away from the game for long and immediately began talks with several teams across the globe.”

It wasn’t long before they decided that Bob Question Mark would be the best choice for the organization. In a statement, team captain James “Bakery” Baker says that they have no doubt that the organization was the best choice for them as a group. He says, “When searching for an organization, we were very focused on finding a team that would be able to support us with our goal to become one of the top teams in the world, and one that truly cared about is as players. We are confident nowt hat there is no organization that could do better than Team Dignitas.”

The following lineup is the new Team Dignitas roster, which will be debuting under the organization in Prague this weekend for the European Championships:

Adrian “ardrd” Wojcik
James “Bakery” Baker
Matic “zarmony” Mikec
Lawrence “Atheroangle” harper
Josh “Snitch” Bennett

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