If you don’t know what G2A.com is, chances are you’ve at least seen the name on the internet at some point. It’s an extremely popular third party website created for game key reselling, and they have sponsorships running as far as the eye can see. They have deals set up with YouTubers, Twitch broadcasters and even competitive gaming teams.

They have also been the source of pretty heated debate among fans, usually due to phony keys being listed or keys being pulled by publishers. Right now, though, they’re in hot water due to promoting a service called LoLBoost. LoLBoost is another third party service, like G2A, but they sell their skills as players. Once you create an account you can go to their “Boosting” tab and enter the necessary information, then they will have an “Expert” play on your account for you until your account reaches its goal. This isn’t something that’s too astonishing to the community, as it’s possible to purchase League of Legends accounts through G2A.

According to a report made by The Daily Dot, though, Riot Games isn’t too pleased with the promotion and have begun asking teams such as Cloud9 and CLG to remove the G2A logo from merchandise and jerseys as they consider banning the website as a sponsor. This could be a serious hit for G2A, as it’s no surprise that the League of Legends eSports scene is a fantastic event to have promotion at. However, they have reportedly told teams that if the two companies are unable to reach an agreement, they will pull of their sponsorships in the scene.

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