The Mario Brothers have been in all kind of adventures but once in a while they take time out of their busy princess rescuing schedule to play some friendly sports with both friends and foes. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is the new Nintendo Wii U version and they announced some aspects of the game that fans might enjoy.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash will feature select Amiibo capabilities, online multiplayer, new player special moves, and will support four different Nintendo controllers.

Your Amiibos can be used as partners in online doubles matches, or enlisted to battled stronger AI opponents in the offline ‘Knockout Challenge’ mode. The more matches your put your amiibo through, the more experience and skill it will gain, and soon Roger Federer couldn’t beat them. Currently, the compatible amiibo include Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Yarn Yoshis, Rosalina, Wario, Toad and Donkey Kong.

Colorful Chance Areas will also sporadically appear allowing the player to perform “super-strong smash or bamboozling slices” against their opponent.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash has a couple of new modes. Here are just some of the new gameplay modes coming to fans:

  • Knockout Challenge: Try and win tiebreak matches, with increasingly difficult computer-controlled opponents in this single-player mode. You can also have an amiibo as a doubles partner.
  • Mega Battle: After grabbing a Mega Mushroom, characters grow gigantic and have increased power and range.
  • Classic Tennis: This mode offers two variations – Standard mode, with ‘Chance Shots’ and ‘Jump Shots’ but no Mega Mushrooms. Simple mode, contains nothing but a net and the ball.
  • Online Multiplayer: Go up against fans from around the world in competitive ranked play in either Mega Battle or Classic Tennis modes, or players can choose to play casual matches. Two players on the same console (not online) can team up or a supported amiibo can be used in doubles.

The other news Nintendo announced was the controller types. Players can use the following controllers in the game: Wii U GamePad, Wii Remote, Wii U Pro Controller or Classic Controller Pro. For those used to the GameCube controller you are out of luck.

You can join the Mario Brothers and all their friends in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash on November 20th for Nintendo Wii U. Stay Tuned to Gamer Assault Weekly for all your gaming news.

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