Harmonix has given details into how you will be able to import your favorite tracks from Rock Band 3 into Rock Band 4. 

The new feature is slated to be available in the December update that will allow you to import songs from Rock Band 3. The import feature however will not be free. Priced at $14.99 you can export your music if you are a verified purchaser of Rock Band 3. Harmonix said,

We will be automatically verifying your purchase electronically, which means that you’ll need to have bought a new copy and played Rock Band 3 for our export process to work. If, for some reason, our electronic check doesn’t work for you, please contact our Customer Support portal here.

If you have not purchased Rock Band 3 you still have time as it will be available in the Xbox Live Marketplace until October 30th. After this date you will be required to purchase a  physical copy of the game.

You can see more information about the update in their latest blog post here. 

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