With Gears of War Ultimate Edition recently making some changes to their playlist update, they have announced yet another playlist update. This update, while changing competitive play in a major way, will be bringing back the long lost Special Events we all came to love. We have a breakdown of the updates you’ll see beginning October 30 below.


  • Team Deathmatch
  • Blitz
  • Special Event/Featured Mode
  • 2v2 Gnasher Execution


  • Execution

With the competitive playlist being set aside for Execution alone, this will put a damper on those working towards Seriously, but there is a method to The Coalitions madness. “We wanted to make the difference between Social and Competitive experiences clearer, and help our fans choose the kind of experience they want. For modes that no longer appear in Competitive, we’ve bumped their XP up in social playlists to match their old Competitive counterparts.”

Improvements are being made to multiple games modes as well. For example, in the updated Team Deathmatch playlist, they have removed Bullet Marsh, Garden, and Rooftops. With KOTH and Blitz game modes, Bullet Marsh and Rooftops has been removed. This is to help with the respawn situations and to help the players get a more fluid feel to the maps.

Return of Special Events

Beginning October 30th, special events returns with Torque Bow Tag! This game mode will be played on the four darkest maps to allow for the truest horror feel allowed. In addition, playing the weekend of October 30th 12:00 PDT until Novemeber 2nd 12:00 PDT will unlock a limited skin. The “Hallows”. This skin will unlock for free in conclusion of the event to those who took the time to play. A free skin is a free skin in my book. The only thing to keep in mind is that this skin may take upwards of two weeks to show up in your selection. However, using it during the event will be allowed.


Make sure to grab a lobby of your closest friends and slay some locusts this Halloween!

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