Electronic Sports League announced today that they will be debuting the ESL Arena at this upcoming PAX Australia, featuring a number of tournaments for the entirety of the event.

They’ll be kicking things off Friday morning with a single elimination best-of-three tournament, with 16 teams of two battling it out in what is described as a friendly event. You must register in advance, according to the PAX AUS schedule, which you can do so here.

Friday afternoon will continue on with the SMITE Oceania Regional Championship. Australian teams Avant Garde, Dire Wolves, Integral Nation and SYF Gaming will begin the championship in the afternoon and finish Saturday for their chunk of the allotted $65,000 AUD prize pool. The winning team will receive $25,000 as well as move on to compete in the SMITE World Championship in Atlanta, Georgia in January of next year. Kevin “HiRezAdanas” Meier and Brandon “DMBrandon” Nance will be commentating the championship.

ESL Arena will be featuring Halo 5: Guardians on Sunday with Team Exile and Team Immunity duking it out in showmatches, both against each other and against the community in team matches and FFAs. Outside of the showmatches, they will compete against each other in a professional invitational series.

You can find the full schedule and further details on the PAX Australia website here.

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