When it comes to the sportsmanship, Riot Games has typically proven themselves to not be the type that plays around when someone makes a rules infraction. So it goes without saying that there were more people getting on whether or not they would take action against Cloud9’s Hai “Hai” Lam for making rude hand gestures at Fnatic’s Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten at Worlds than there were people betting on the upcoming match itself.

Febiven was in the middle of a post game interview on the final day of Group Stages, saying, “C9’ play style has always been really predictable and they’re drafting in a similar way every way every game,” when you can clearly see Hai looking up from his computer screen to throw a middle finger into the air.

Yesterday Riot Games posted their final verdict on the matter, stating that Hai was in violation of section 9.1.3 of the Worlds ruleset:

“A Team Member may not take any action of perform any gesture directed at an opposing Team Member, or incite any other individual(s) to do the same, which is insulting, mocking, disruptive, or antagonistic.”

A few hours before the ruling had been posted, Hai posted on Twitter that he genuinely likes Febiven and the gesture was made only in good fun. However, he is still being fined 500 Euros (Roughly $550)

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