Professional Dota 2 team Arcade.Power Rangers has recently informed fans that their carry, Dmitry “Ditya Ra” Minenkov is leaving the team after having joined Power Rangers in December of 2014. The announcement is coming after a long series of disappointing games, which resulted in the team not receiving an invitation to compete at most major events. Their poor performance is likely what prompted the change, as Arcade.Power Rangers had already found Ditya Ra’s replacement with former PRIES carry Maxim “TpoH” Vernikov by the time the announcement was made. The team released the following group statement on Ditya Ra’s departure:

“Dima had to prove himself for the time spent on the team as a great player! We all know and have seen what a Ditya Ra. However, probably, a series of problems that piled on top of the command with the termination of the contract with ESFX, noticeably disheveled boys and seriously broke down the will to win. Care Dima is our joint decision, both the Dima and the team as a whole. I believe that the change of staff, and as a result, the atmosphere is good impact on Dima, and we may not see him again Juzcar killing 5x at low HP. We wish Dima ups and further victories in a career gamer. “

As of right now, there has been no news on if Ditya Ra will be signing to another team.


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