Veterans of Bungie’s Destiny know it to be a uniquely different game. At launch in mid Summer of 2014, there was incredible hype around it. The same guys to bring us Master Chief and the early Halo were creating a brand new IP! This has to be amazing! Well, for a lot of people, the hype fell short, and understandably so. There was consistent repetitive missions, tasks, daily bounties, and eventually ended up feeling like a chore. For a great many others, however, there was a strange addiction that formed in their quest for collecting all the loot.
Taking all that into consideration, many people, myself included, were wary about Destiny Year Two content based on the entire first year. Despite this, Bungie proved that we have placed ill-founded doubt on them. The closer to launch we got, the more amazing new content was teased. Now that The Taken King has been out for a month, I can say that I, for one, feel like this is a whole new game and completely destroyed all my doubts. Here’s my top five reasons Destiny: The Taken King is worthy of a second look by doubters, and is here to stay.


5. Overall, there is just better gameplay. From new public events that are impossible to complete alone, great sounding/feeling guns, a brand new enemy type, and constant quests, there is just a ton of things to do. Navigating has become a bit easier as well. Any time I’m playing a FPS, I’m on a constant mission to find that perfect gun. Good damage, good recoil, good sound, the whole nine yards. With Destiny, just when I find the perfect gun, more loot drops and I’m falling in love all over again. When it comes to enemies, when I saw the Taken I was annoyed at having re-skinned existing assets for this new enemy type. But, every single one of them have brand new attacks that can panic and excite at the same time. Everyone was knocked off by the darn Phalynx in “Cayde’s Stash” mission, with NO expectation of what was on the other side.

4. My number one complaint from Destiny Year 1 was the lack of story. But I don’t have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain. With year two, there was literally more story in the first cutscene than most of the story missions. And it kept going. Things were explained, and lore moved to Grimoire cards instead of story. I felt like I understood what was happening, why, and I was engaged.


3. New content brought new challenges, as well. Even after doing the same strike several times, there were new little nuances that made things….unique. Another word for this might be infuriating, but, that’s up to you! There was a lot of cool new portions that tested resolve, creativity, and endurance. I just about demolished a controller quite a few times. But then again, I cheered in victory after an incredibly hard fought and coordinated fight.

2. In addition to the challenges, what really has made me the most happy about Destiny is NEW MISSIONS! SO many new missions. Just when you think you’ve got the story done, you get more. And more. And after a solid month of playing a few hours a night, I’m nowhere near done. I still have a lot of seeking to do, and I’m having a blast doing it. This is what is what really is tying me to the game. No more is it a daily chore to log on and do six bounties, now it is logging on to continue your quest for epic loot.


1. The final thing that I’m greatly excited about is a new raid. In the original game as well as Crota’s End, the coordination and teamwork needed, plus the opportunity to work with a 6 man team was exhilarating. Initial forays into the unknown were tainted by leaks and spoilers from the general community. Therefore, my group actually had to try to avoid spoilers. And it was worth it. Blind raiding the King’s Fall Raid was something I’ll remember with my group…till the next raid. Once again Destiny outdid itself and became a FPS RPG Platformer Puzzle…and a few other genres. What was broken or made earlier raids easy was eliminated. No wine was presented with cheese, and the biggest enemy of the final boss isn’t a rage quit! This is the only game I can play for 9 hours with 5 friends, die 100 times, and still come out smiling. I’m 900 hours in, and looking forward to the next 900.

About The Author

Bobby C
Director, Editorial/Reviews

Bobby C is a veteran FPS and adventure gamer, starting with the NES and Super Mario Bros. The game that really started his love for the FPS Genre was Goldeneye for the N64. Since then, the love grew. From casual, to semi-pro COD with Modern Warfare 2 and 3, and back to casual, it’s a bad week when there isn’t at least 15 hours of games played.