The official Team YP Twitter account has recently revealed that Valentin “Valmaster” Petit will be joining their ranks as their first and, currently, only Street Fighter competitor. Hailing from France, Valmaster is best known for his expert use of Chun-Li, currently ranked at 17th with her in Ultra Street Fighter IV and 29th in Super Street Fighter IV: AE 2012. He gained a lot of recognition when he placed 7th at Capcom Cup 2014, which he qualified for after defeating EVO 2014’s champion during VSFighting 4.

He has also experienced other impressive wins, such as placing first in both Street Grand Battles 2014 and HypeSpotting 2013. Valmaster currently has accumulated 444 career points and, while not as talked about as Luffy, is sure to do well with the new organization.

Team YP will be an organization to keep an eye on, as they are currently recruiting more players and will most likely be making more announcements similar to this in the coming future.

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