Avoiding the mistake I made last year by putting a horror themed article in September as opposed to October, like a sane person would. I’m already looking forward to Winter this year when the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility finally hits the public. As a streamer running on what I like to call a caveman’s set up because it’s not up to snuff in my mind, I am very much looking forward to being able to stream my Xbox 360 games on my Xbox One. Below are some of the games I’m looking forward to streaming the most and can be picked up for relatively cheap.

Portal (multiplatform)-

When Portal first hit the Xbox 360 it was pretty much the only reason I bought the Orange Box. I hadn’t played the original Half-Life so all the Half-Life 2 content didn’t give me that pleasant twinge in my knob it did for most people. Team Fortress 2 was okay, I didn’t spend more than ten hours with it on consoles. Portal just stood out for me due to the combination of a murderous supercomputer and the desolate loneliness I experienced after killing my only friend in the game, Geoff the Companion Cube (damn right I named it). The campaign itself is a short experience lasting less than four hours, give or take your ability to solve puzzles. I became a little obsessed with the game and for a solid month I tried to do speed runs pretty regularly. I got down to a solid time of two hours and twenty five minutes. Then I discovered the game had cheat codes, something I hadn’t experienced since the old days of the original PlayStation. Portal’s cheat codes allowed me to do lots of awesome things: spawn more companion cubes (long live Geoff!) to complete puzzles, one to spawn that ball of light to complete puzzles or kill enemies and my favorite, place portals on any surface. Thanks to the codes, I was able to cut my speed time down to a mere hour and twenty minutes. I don’t know how well or if the codes will transfer to the new system, but I look forward to beating GLaDOS again soon. I could only find The Orange Box for as low as twenty five bucks at brick and mortar stores but you can get it on PC for twenty bucks.


Mirror’s Edge (Multiplatform)-

While first person platforming is not the easiest thing in the world to accomplish, Mirror’s Edge is one of the few games that does it well. It also attempts to do away with the typical tropes of first person shooters, i.e. guns. Faith’s movement speed is highly dependent on her flow and ability to move. Guns hamper this movement, essentially grounding Faith and changes her from a high octane, free running death machine to a slow moving target reliant on the amount of bullets she can carry in her clip. That’s not to say picking up a gun is completely bad. I used guns on my first play through, but the more I played, the more efficient I became without them. I started off killing one guy, emptying his clip into other enemies and repeating. On later playthroughs I was able to dispatch entire rooms of enemies with nary a bullet shed on my behalf. Run and jump off walls, kick some balls while Superman punching for as low as eighteen bucks.

Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360, PC)-

I don’t even want to take a guess as to how many hours I spent playing Left 4 Dead over the past few years. Between spending hours trying to do glitches that made crescendo events not happen to ledge drops that made expert difficulties a hell of a lot easier, I spent almost as much time killing infected as I did playing Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer. Lately though I find myself simply not wanting to play it, the pizzazz sort of wore out the eight hundredth time I was walking down a dimly lit hallway. My love for the series was reinvigorated when I downloaded the game on PC and modded the crap out of it. Somewhere between cutting people’s heads off as Daryl Dixon and seeing the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man charge at me from the darkness, I caught a rare grin on my face. I realize I can’t mod my Xbox games yet but I wouldn’t mind streaming some good old fashion co-op in the future. Grab some friends, pop some pills, and aim for the head for only fifteen bucks.

Original Concept Art

Original Concept Art

Doom (Multiplatform)-

While I’m not a fan of Doom 3, I do like the previous two installments. I felt like I had to “unlearn” a lot of typical game play aspects and mechanics to play Doom 1 and 2. Not having a Y axis was a little tedious at first. I constantly noticed I tried to look up at enemies and ledges and it was just more frustrating than anything. Regardless, I still enjoyed the sometimes overwhelming amount of enemies attacking me on screen. At first I was skeptical of the nostalgia factor people told me they had for the series, but I soon found myself drawing my own map just so I knew where to get the secrets on future runs of the game. Playing the games again for other people’s enjoyment may even encourage me to give Doom 3 another shake to see if maybe the game just caught me in a particularly foul mood when I tried to play it. I snagged Doom 3 BFG Edition for twenty bucks but it has since dropped to eight bucks depending on where you shop and for what console you choose.


Gears of War (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC)-

I’m going to gush here a little bit. I love the Gears of War franchise. Its abundance of gore and tragic tale of human survival in the wake of a reptilian looking alien race literally rising out of the ground warms my cold heart. Not to mention the Lancer, a glorious combination of chainsaw and machine gun, has me cackling like the Joker when I decide to venture into multiplayer. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition recently released and while I would like to by it, I checked my account and was laughing at the lack of funds in there. So going back and re-living my favorite series on stream will have to do for now. Pick up the games now for as low as five bucks at GameStop.


Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Multiplatform)-

Tactical shooters and I get along like a honey badger and, well anything, which is to say my brute force usually leaves my character lying on the ground looking like a Swiss cheese block that tried to invade a Russian stronghold. Or whatever race I’m allegedly enemies with that week, with problems that seemingly can’t be solved with a quick fight club scene and a few beers. I will say the game grew on me and I wanted to beat it before I took it back to Red Box. I didn’t and eventually ended up buying the game assuming I had several hours left to enjoy the game, alas a simple two levels later and the credits rolled. I was sad to see the game end, I liked how the game made the whole team feel important rather than just the lad you were playing as. Experience tactical shooting at its finest for only five bucks at your local GameStop.


Troy Baker is hiding in here somewhere

Batman Arkham Series (Multiplatform)-

I have been on a little bit of a Joker kick lately. From watching Troy Baker tackle the character with such gusto that it makes old school Mafiosos look like the spoiled youth of today, to even seeing John Dimaggio add an extra layer of odd finesse to the lovable psychopath. It makes me want to go buy the whole Batman Arkham series again just to don the suit and start punching bad guys in the head. I have to play on some harder difficulties since I already beat the Joker on super easy baby mode, so I look forward to picking the games up for about ten bucks a piece depending on where you like to shop.


Call of Duty Series (Multiplatform)

Say whatever foul mouthed often exorbitant statements about the Call of Duty series you like, several of the games are fantastically done. My original plan was to play through the entire experience for my Mom so she could have some entertainment when she originally moved back in with me from the hospital and didn’t have internet, or power on occasion. Now that I’m able to keep the internet and power on consistently , while she’s busy watching cat videos, I can stream fan favorite games like the Modern Warfare Trilogy and at least the original Black Ops, because Black Ops 2 makes my brain feel like someone removed and fried it for a few hours and didn’t put it back where it belongs. Which is a garbage bin, so a cat can munch on it (I’M SAYING IT’S BAD IN CASE YOU DIDN’T NOTICE!). The games start as low as three bucks and if you haven’t experienced them I highly recommend you get off your high horse and go pick some up. Just skip Call of Duty 3 and Black Ops 2, seriously don’t play them.

maxresdefault (9)

Still better than Black Ops 2

While I am readily aware that it’s a possibility not all of these titles will be available once the backwards compatibly support goes live, I still can’t wait until I’m able to get reacquainted with some of my favorites from the last console generation. There’s a ton more I didn’t list in the article: OneChanBara: Bikini Samurai Squad, BulletWitch, Dead Rising 2, Red Dead Redemption, the list goes on and on. If you have any favorites you are looking forward to replaying this winter please let us know in the comments below.