Hearthstone seems to have finally nabbed the attention of Natus Vincere, as the organization recently announced that they have officially opened up a Na’Vi Hearthstone squad with three signed players.

Sebastian “Ostkaka” Engwall, the Swedish player that found himself in the 5-8th placement at ASUS ROG Summer 2015 and 2nd place at SeatStory Cup III, is the first on the roster. “I’m really excited to join Na’Vi and represent them in future tournaments,” he said in a statement, “I know Na’Vi from other esports and I’m happy they decided to expand into Hearthstone. With two teammates I respect a lot I can only expect good things to come.”

Viagame House Cup #2’s first place finisher Frederik “Hoej” Nielsen has also been signed to the squad, saying he is, “Pleased and thrilled to announce that I finally can call myself a Na’Vi boy.” The 22 year old hails from Denmark and calls this change, “The start of something unique.”

Sebastian “Xixo” Bentert is the final player on the roster, representing Germany. Xixo used to play for ROOT Gaming and Team Archon before Natus Vincere, placing in first in various events. He is very confident in the team’s skills, saying, “I believe that when working together with Na’Vi we can become the strongest Heartstone squad in the world. We are Natus Vincere. We are born to win!”

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