Daniel “KoreanDJ” Jung first began his career in Smash when he began placing in the top ten at various MLG events in 2006. The first win that kicked off his career was when he placed 9th at MLG New York Opener in, then 4th at MLG Dallas, 5th at MLG Anaheim and 7th at MLG Chicago with his most notable accomplishment of the year being his 2nd place at the MLG championship held in Las Vegas. This propelled KoreanDJ into the competitive Smash scene where he would participate in dozens of tournaments throughout the years, rarely ever placing outside of the top ten with Marth as his Melee main.

In 2014 he was signed alongside with Ken “SephirothKen” Hoang to begin their involvement in the Smash scene. He brought his A game to multiple events, but KoreanDJ was forced to sit out on many high profile events due to chronic wrist and hand pains that were affective both his performance as a player and his general wellbeing. Not only had he suddenly deviated from his top ten norm in June, but his injury was great enough to give him the worst singles rankings of his career, only placing 65th at EVO 2014.

Because of this he has announced his retirement from competitive gaming on the Team Liquid website, ending an impressive career of nearly ten years. KoreanDJ says that this has been an uphill battle for quite some time, and he couldn’t see any other way to find closure other than to leave the scene and Team Liquid for good. Both he and Team Liquid have nothing but high praise for one another, with KoreanDJ saying , “Team Liquid has been the pioneer of introducing the Smash community to the world of eSports, and I am forever grateful for it being the spark that made the scene grow to the scale it has become now. Though I will be leaving the team, I will always be a loyal supporter of Team Liquid.”

It’s sad to see such a promising player forced to leave professional gaming, something that is a driving force for many people these days, but injuries like this are becoming more and more common. Hand, wrist and forearm injuries are ever-present in eSports due to how intensely these players are training every single days of their lives – typically spending upwards of eight hours a day playing League of Legends or Super Smash Bros. Some players are lucky enough to receive carpal tunnel surgery and get back into swing of things for a little while longer, but the fact of the matter is that this can sometimes only be a temporary fix and it’s usually not long before those players announce their retirement as well.

Daniel had a good run, and I hope he shines as brightly in whatever field he decides to be a part of in the future.

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