Yesterday, ESWC’s Tournament Director Sylvain Maillard released an official statement regarding German player Dennis “Massa” Lotze. Massa had been discovered to be participating in the ESWC 2015 PGW Trackmania online qualifiers under a new alias in order to help a friend get to Paris Games Week. The ESWC decided that he would be banned for a full year from any and all ESWC tournaments, and the spot Massa had qualified for himself at PGW is going to be competed for by Scrapie and JaviFlyer.

Euronics Gaming, the team Massa played for, had an announcement of their own soon after; the team has decided that they are immediately severing ties with him, saying that his behavior was unacceptable and disrespectful towards both the other organizations and tournament organizers. Despite this, they thanked Massa for the good times together.

Massa admits that he made a mistake and apologized in the statement, saying he hopes a second chance will come his way, but there is a very strong chance that his career in competitive gaming ends here. It’s very difficult for players to recover from cheating scandals, and it’s even more difficult when you receive a long ban from an organization as important to the eSports world as ESWC is.

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