Going with the trend of most new video games, DLC for Fallout 4 has been announced. Bethesda shared on their website plans for DLC. A $30 season pass has been offered to fans for “all the DLC we ever do.” Although Bethesda does not really have an idea of what the DLC is, it will  be coming until 2016. So relax and enjoy the game for a while.

“Since we’re still hard at work on the game, we don’t know what the actual DLC will be yet, but it will start coming early next year. Based on what we did for OblivionFallout 3, and Skyrim, we know that it will be worth at least $40, and if we do more, you’ll get it all with the Season Pass.”

Bethesda also announced the Creation Kit for the PC gamers. “The most important thing in our games is the freedom you have to create your own experience, and modding is a big part of that.” Some time after Fallout 4‘s release Bethesda is releasing the Creation Kit, which is the same tool they use in the studios, so people can mod. The best part about this? Not only will you be be able to create your own mods and share them with other PC gamers, but these mods will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Fallout 4 will also have regular updates that will not only be bug fixes but in-game features. Just like with Skyrim when Bethesda added mounted combat, legendary mode, kill cams, and visual enhancements. They say with Fallout 4, “We’ll work with all of you to figure out what new things you’d love to see added to Fallout 4, whether they are small tweaks or new features.”

Fallout 4 will be releasing on November 10th on your PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Stay Tuned here at Gamer Assault Weekly for all your Fallout 4 and other gaming needs.

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