After avoiding addressing the hubbub on social media for a bit, Bungie has finally answered when Destiny’s next set of background music would be obtainable. The first person shooter’s second official soundtrack can be purchased beginning September 15th, the same day as The Taken King expansion’s release.

According to the developer’s weekly update, it’ll include tracks from all three expansions: The Dark Below, House of Wolves and The Taken King. It’ll be available to download through Amazon and iTunes. But if you’re interested in a higher quality version with some collectibles, it’ll be best to pick it up through Bungie’s online store.

“As the World of Destiny continues to evolve, so must the music that brings it to life. The heroic moment when you first grabbed Crota’s sword. The legendary fanfare that heralded the capture of Skolas for the Queen,” reads a statement from the composers. “The dark, regal overtones as Oryx enters our Solar System on a path to revenge. It has been our honor to score your new adventures. We hope you enjoy listening to the Taken King Soundtrack as much as we have enjoyed creating it. May it remind you of your bravest moments in a world imagined for heroes.”


The cover art lists composers Skye Lewin, Michael Salvatori and C. Paul Johnson. Distinctly missing is former audio director Marty O’ Donnell, who has recently been victorious in his legal battle with the studio over unpaid wages and stock options after being fired from the company in 2014.

You can listen to the minute or so long opening sample here.

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