CS:GO Lounge is probably one of the better known websites in the Counter-Strike community. It’s a massive platform where players can bet on and trade items in Global Offensive, and they have finally taken the plunge into eSports by signing a professional team to play under their label.

Pawel “innocent” Mocek, Lounge Gaming’s team captain, confirmed that they made a couple of roster changes by replacing mous and minise with Mariusz “Loord” Cybulski and Oskar “oskarish” Stenborowski. Loord is stated to be the “Team brain and ingame leader,” while oskarish is joining the team because of his, “Pure talent with amazing individual skills.” He backs up the roster change by reassuring fans that their skills are more consistent and organized like this.

Lounge Gaming was formerly known as Gamers2, before the organization let them go in August after failing to qualify for ESL Cologne. Lounge states that they are looking forward to the adventures to come and welcomes the fans following the team from Gamers2.

The new roster is as follows:

Michał “MICHU” Müller
Grzegorz “szpero” Dziamałek
Pawel “innocent” Mocek
Mariusz “Loord” Cybulski
Oskar “oskarish” Stenborowski