Harmonix just released 10 more songs for Rock Band 4 but also just announced a very different price change with Xbox One. PlayStation 4’s Rock Band 4 will be a normal $60 for players whereas Xbox One fans will have to purchase the (stand alone) game for $80. Why?

The game for Xbox One will be coming with a “Legacy Game Controller Adapter.” A little black box that lets players use their old guitars and drum sets from the Xbox 360. It will support up to four players and many of the third-party made instruments. Harmonix released an unfinished list of all the third-party instruments that the adapter is compatible with.

Preorders for the standalone Rock Band 4 discs will open today at major retailers like Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon.com. In addition, you can preorder Rock Band 4 bundles that come with the game and a guitar for $130 or one that includes the game, a guitar, and drum set for $250.

Rock Band 4 will melt your faces off on October 6, 2015 with pure rock! Available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Keep Rockin’ here at Gamer Assault Weekly for all your gaming needs!


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