Turn 10 Studios was on hand at Gamescom to show off a brand new trailer for Forza Motorsport 6.

It’s no secret that two of the most absent, and also most requested, features for the Forza Motorsport series has been wet weather and nighttime racing.

“So, the things that we’ve done in rain I believe are unprecedented in gaming,” said creative director Dan Greenawalt. “We’ve got standing water that’s fully simulated on the track and, depending on the size of your tyres and how fast your angle of attack is, those tyres will aquaplane and you’ll be along for the ride.”

Turn 10 doesn’t just want to simulate less friction and water particles, they want to simulate everything about the rain including particle effects of the spray, the reduction in the heat in the tires, hydroplaning and how the rain affects grip on different types of surfaces.

“It’s actually the same physically-based material system that we have in [Forza] 5 and [Forza] 6, and in Horizon [2]. We have physically-based materials that affect how something looks, but also affects the characteristics of how it drives. So when you’re driving on what looks like a normal road, even as you’re just going straight down the middle of the road, you’re going to be shifting from concrete to tarmac, to sealant. It’s going to go in and out of shadow and heat; a lot of things are changing and we’ve done the research so as when that happens it has an accurate effect on the tyres.”

Turn 10 says they’ve also taken the same approach to night racing. They really wanted to capture the atmosphere of racing at night and not make it feel like a “dark day.”

“And the thing that’s overwhelming when you’ve driven at night – especially on a race track – or when you talk to race drivers that have raced at Le Mans, or raced at Spa at night, is that when they’re driving by their headlights, it’s claustrophobic. The rest of the world is black. I mean, completely black, because the headlights are dilating your eyes, so all you can see is by the cone of your headlights and you’re living and dying by how far out those headlights reach.

“And that’s in stark contrast to stadium lighting. So we have Daytona, Yas Marina, and honestly at night those tracks almost look like the day; there’s huge floodlights coming in on the infield. And those feel really grand; it’s a very unique lighting condition ’cause it’s bright as daylight but there’s multiple shadows and it’s kind of a white light – it’s doesn’t really look like sunlight. It’s a spectacle.”

Greenawalt also revealed that not all tracks will be available for wet weather or night racing. Tracks that are available for these options are ones that are known for it in real life. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, which was used as an example, is not known for wet weather racing and night racing isn’t even allowed there. So that’s not going to be an available track for these new features.

Forza Motosport 6 releases September 15 for the Xbox One. Microsoft is also releasing a special edition Forza Motorsport 6 console and controller.

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