With Gamescom happening right now, Spiders Studios felt compelled to drop us a brand new trailer for thier soon to be released RPG The Technomancer. Set two hundred years after the colonization of mars, the game (speaking purley from my source material and the trailer  below) seems to focus on the plite of the human race. What I’m saying is, “…as we know all too well from our own planet, the longer we’re around the more complicated things get!” 

The trailer below features a great fight sequence, as well as a seemingly corrupt government authority that (aside from being led by a guy who looks like Gambit stand in) seems hell bent on capturing the lead character seen fleeing them in the trailer. Other noticable aspects are the off the wall creatures seen in the trailer. There is a flock of wierd flying mantaray like creature the camera follows for several seconds as well as a combination camel/giraffe thing in a market place and interestingly enough a  guy who looks like a feral human from Fallout. Which I hope means there was some sort of radioactive accident in the game. Take a look at the delicious trailer below for yourself and get hyped for The Technomancer.

Source: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/08/06/the-technomancer-coming-to-ps4/

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