An interview by Game Informer with lead designer Lars Bakken has revealed that there are two new multiplayer modes, Mayhem and Rift,  being brought into Destiny as part of The Taken King expansion.

Mayhem, a crucible mode designed to be more of a party game to be taken less seriously. The weapons, melee attacks, and all other things in your arsenal recharge much quicker. The point of Mayhem is to have a good time and do anything rather than being as strategic as normal games. However, Mayhem mode may not be here to stay. It has been made clear that Mayhem mode is temporary and will only be kept based on fan appeal.

The other mode is Rift, a mode that caters to fans hoping for a more objective-style of gameplay. The game is a revamped version of capture the flag that’ll reward you even if you fail to complete the objective completely.  The object, the Spark,  starts out in the center of the map. Your objective is to get the Spark into your opponents base as quick as possible because there is a time limit, take too long and it will blow up in your face. Rift is said to be a 6v6 player game.

The Taken King will be coming out on September 15th on all current platforms with this expansion expected to change the experience of Destiny for players on a large scale.


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