If there’s anything you can give Riot credit for, it’s doing what they can to address the toxicity of the League of Legends playerbase. In a response to an anonymous question sent to Jeffrey “Lyte” Lin’s ask.fm account he stated that, “Players who have been chat restricted, ranked restricted or game banned during the 2015 Season will not receive Season Rewards in Ranked.”

That’s pretty harsh, right? Thankfully the game’s lead game designer later posted  clarification on his ask.fm and explained that their policy on Ranked Rewards is similar to last season’s in the sense that they did not allow players to receive Ranked Rewards if they had been repeatedly and/or incredibly offensive. The difference this season is that players who have reformed after a chat or rank restriction will be granted Ranked Rewards. However, if you are on restriction by the end of the season you won’t be granted anything. That being said, Ranked Rewards will not be rewarded to anyone who has received an escalated ban at any point in the 2015 season. They will only be eligible next season if they aren’t put on restrictions and/or flagged for inflammatory behavior.

Jeffrey went on to explain that players who received a handful of low priority queues are still eligible because they aren’t interested in punishing players who’ve had to deal with internet or PC issues. The only players in this category that will be negatively affected are those that consistently leave games.

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