During an official livestream from Gamescom 2015 that was sprinkled of less than subtle PlayStation 4 branding, Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar confirmed that Call of Duty’s competitive scene is moving to PlayStation 4. What was subtle, though, was how Vonderhaan made the confirmation. “The new home for Call of Duty eSports,” was quickly thrown in during the middle of a Sony shout out made towards the end of the hour long stream.

This isn’t a huge shock to anyone who has been paying attention to Call of Duty news, especially when Sony’s Andrew House called PlayStation the, “New home of Call of Duty,” at E3. It was also announced during the same conference that Black Ops III’s beta and DLC packs will hit the PS4 first.

With Sony already showing better sales in the next gen department, this is just another way for them to jump even further ahead; teams are going to be forced to acquire PlayStation consoles, because it isn’t like they can play on an Xbox while training and go to a tournament that uses a totally different controller, and PS4 copies of Black Ops III. This combined with eSports tournaments being chock full of advertisements,sponsorships and attendees that admit to fishing out extra cash towards a game after attending those tournaments, it’s easy to see what is going through Sony’s heads.

Either way this is surely still going to be an inconvenience to players already in, or hoping to join, the professional gaming world of Call of Duty.

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