Two months after releasing on iOS, Android users are finally able to become a Vault Overseer in Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter.

Along will being available on additional devices, players will have to defend against more then just Raider attacks, Radroach infestations and put out vault fires. Molerats and Deathclaws have been added to the mix and while I haven’t had Deathclaws knocking on my fully fortified Vault door, the Molerats were sure able to give me the business.

Update 1.1. also introduces Mr.Handy, a premium reward that can be purchased to collect resources in and outside of your Vault. One Mr.Handy is 99¢ while a pack of five is $3.99. The robot works on a floor by floor basis, doesn’t affect your population count and is apparently not so great at surviving the various types of incidents.

Players spent over $5 million on Lunchboxes, which may contain cards for special weapons, armor and unique Dwellers, within the first two weeks of the free-to-play app’s existence on iOs.

Fallout Shelter can be downloaded via Google Play on Android and the App Store on iOS.


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