In past ESL posts, it was explained that they had changed the audio system for a few events by using hardware setups instead of software. They compared it to the system that Valve uses for The International and claimed it had been a successful change up until now, as Kinguin players began to complain of a loud buzzing noise during ESL One Cologne.

After replacing just about every piece of equipment possible they decided to simply revert to their old setup, which uses headphones and in-ear buds. The problem with this system, though, is that no one can guarantee just how soundproof this is and whether or not players will be able to hear the casters. ESL doesn’t want to pause a live event to verify how much players can hear and, as a precaution, the casters have been instructed to revert back to strictly commentating play-by-plays.

The problem with this, though, is that it’s very difficult for casters to spend years shouting everything that’s happening and then turn on a dime to deliver only basic information. You’d be better off asking TobiWan to shoutcast calmly, because Pansy and Henry both have been slipping up and could have potentially been giving either team a major advantage by letting them know who was where and at what their HP is at.

ESL will be performing thorough tests on the system they originally wanted to use tonight, and will hopefully have everything back to normal.


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