Satoru Iwata is a legend in the gaming industry, so when it came time to celebrate his life and mourn his passing during his 2 day funeral, it was no surprise that the number of people who attended reached the thousands.

The Wall Street Journal was on hand to witness the outpouring of love and grief during Mr. Iwata’s funeral, which saw 2600 people attend on day 1 and 1500 people attend on day 2. Some of the mourners even came equipped with their Nintendo 3DS handheld systems, a device introduced to the world by Mr Iwata.

One of Mr. Iwata’s greatest successes during his 13 year reign as Nintendo president was the Wii home console. While Sony and Microsoft were both in a power struggle to see who could make the biggest and fastest console, Nintendo created something wholly unique that captured the hearts and minds of core gamers and non-gamers alike. The Wii’s motion controlled system of gaming introduced gaming to people of all ages, and the wide array of games for the system made it accessible for people of any age. In an era when the news was dominated by Sony and Microsoft, the sales were dominated by Nintendo. At the time of its discontinuation, the Nintendo Wii had sold over 100 million units worldwide, 20+ million more than the Xbox 360 and PS3, both of which sat at 80 million units during the same time period.

Nintendo has not officially announced a new president yet, but the two people that have taken over duties since Mr. Iwata’s passing are legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and Genyo Takeda.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Iwata. You contributions to gaming have inspired generations of gamers and developers to follow their dreams and they will continue to fuel the minds of industry for generations to come.

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