Today in their Weekly Update, Bungie revealed the concept art and some in game images of a few of the new weapons that will be included with the upcoming Taken King expansion for Destiny.

These new weapons come from 3 different in game manufacturers, Hakke, Suros, and Omolon. Take a look below for some of the concept and in game images of these brand new weapons.

Auto Rifle (Hakke)

hakke_autorifle_game_small_1 hakke_autorifle_render_small_1


Shotgun (Hakke)


Pulse Rifle (Hakke)



Hand Cannon (Omolon)

omolon_handcannon_game_small_1 omolon_handcannon_render_small_1

Scout Rifle (Omolon)

omolon_scout_game_small_1 omolon_scout_render_small_1

Sniper Rifle (Omolon)

omolon_sniper_game_small_1 omolon_sniper_render_small_1


Auto Rifle (Suros)



Rocket Launcher (Suros)

suros_rocket_render_small_1 suros_rocket_game_small_1

Scout Rifle (Suros)

suros_scout_render_small_1 suros_scout_game_small_1


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