Yesterday, during E3 and the many articles Gamer Assault Weekly published, we wrote an article up during Nintendo‘s cute, and mildly bland, puppet presentation about The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes for the 3DS. The Co-Op based adventure for link had limited news based on the trailer released but more details have emerged since then. Here are some of the new things fans can look forward to:


+There is a Zelda dress (for Link) that offers the appearance of more hearts.
+ The “Big Bomb Outfit” is another outfit is fashioned like a wearable bomb
+ There is one puzzle that requires the three Links to form “the totem” and fire an arrow through a tall flame to light an out-of-reach unlit torch. There are many puzzles like this.
+ There is different strategies and players need to make sure the right person goes on top. Only the person on the bottom can toss everyone back down
+ If you’re on top or in the middle, you are at the whim of the lowest man in the totem. (A fun torture system with your friends)
+ During the Margoma boss fight you will need to get a bomb thrower on top of the totem to throw a bomb at its eye. Once this is done, you’ll need to switch out the totem to get an archer on top to fire arrows at the beast eyeballs. There is a lot of totem switching to find secrets and defeat bosses. You and your friends will have to be in sync to get the timing, because…
+ You share hearts in the game!
+ Players can touch the icon of the other players on the lower screen to see exactly where they are
+ Use emoticon-style icons to communicate and cheer on your friends.
+ And in single-player, you can have two AI Links that you can switch between controlling.

The game looks colorful and fun, and if you have two friends with a 3DS its bound to be a mess of hilarity. If not, its ok too, you can still play and have funHere are some photos/screenshots also for you to enjoy.

3DS_LoZ-TFH_E32015_SCRN_6 TriForceHeroes_610a 3DS_LoZ-TFH_E32015_SCRN_5 3DS_LoZ-TFH_E32015_SCRN_1 N3DS_TLOZ-TriForceHeroes_illustration_02 th_N3DS_TLOZ-TriForceHeroes_illustration_04-1-656x562 3DS_LoZ-TFH_E32015_SCRN_10 N3DS_TLOZ-TriForceHeroes_illustration_01




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