Disturbed, no not the band credited with blessing the world with David Draiman’s dark melodies, I’m talking about that feeling you get with something gets deep down under your skin and fills you with dread. That feeling of complete and utter hopelessness that horror fans like myself thrive on. Below are some of the games from recent memory that will give that delicious feeling of being disturbed.

F.E.A.R. Series (Multiplatform)

F.E.A.R. for those of you that do not know, stands for First Encounter Assault Recon. That means when ghost and demons start messing around in offices and warehouses it’s that government funded sectors job to go in there and do some true ghost busting. With bullets… because for some reason bullets work on ghosts in this universe. Regardless the overall story to the F.E.A.R. series gets more and more strange with every passing iteration. The first game starts off simple enough, the creepy ghost you’ve been hunting turns out to be your dear old mommy and the bad guy turns out to be your little brother that was experimented on when you two were younger. Then in the second game Alma (mommy dearest) has a sort of origin story and is a slightly older ghost form of herself, oh also she’s naked the whole game, though there’s no reason for it. Any way she gets the soldier you play as in the second game (whom has no relation to her) to go into this machine that is essentially her mind and while he’s in there she shags him. You read that right, ghost sex. Disregarding all physical anomalies and improbabilities, Alma gets pregnant with your new little hell spawn of a sibling and you and your brother spend the whole third game tracking her down to sort out family business. After you let that paragraph sink in I recommend picking up these now dirt cheap games for as low as five dollars on Amazon and six at your local Game Stop (F.E.A.R. two and three are both below twenty dollars).


Power Drill Massacre (PC)

Reeking of 90’s horror movie nostalgia, Power Drill Massacre plops you down in a killer’s slaughter house and the player is then tasked with escaping. That by no means is an easy  as the killer can pop out at pretty much any time wielding (you guessed it) a power drill he will use to turn you in to swiss cheese. I am kind of sad that the developer missed the chance at a pun by not having the kill screen say something clever like “You’re Screwed”, but eh I guess puns aren’t for everyone. The description on YouTube for the video below has a link to download the game. I recommend picking it up, but if you’re on the fence about it feel free to watch the video below of Markiplier trying his hand at escaping the games twisted maze.

The Last of Us (Sony Platforms)

If you haven’t experienced Joel and Ellie’s epic misadventures, I have one thing to ask you. What is wrong with you?! Do you not enjoy good things? Okay so that was two things, but seriously go buy it. Joel and Ellie experience a roller-coaster of events as the duo cross the eastern side of the United States that is sure to leave players stunned. From Joel carrying his daughter through the outbreaks beginning, to Ellie have to spend a cold winter fending for herself in the woods, surrounded by the infected there’s never a dull moment in The Last of Us. Remember to aim for the head and that Clickers operate on echolocation for only twenty bucks at GameStop.

Heavy Rain (PS3)

Heavy Rain is still considered to be one of the most unique and ground breaking story telling games of recent memory. Heavy Rain follows four characters journey as they each have to deal with the deranged Origami Killer, whom drowns his young victims in a rain well by leaving them in there during the times of year with, you guessed it, the heaviest amount of rain. Maintaining the four characters is simple enough, most of the game plays through very meticulous quick time events. Don’t let that deter you from the game though, the quick time events are very easy to do in most cases, and at some points in the game players gain full control of which ever character is on screen to do things like investigate crime scenes, break into houses, run around a mall yelling your child’s name like a lunatic. The best part of this game is the seven or eight different endings that can happen based on all the players choices so you know when you drop the ten dollars on this game you are definitely getting your money’s worth.

maxresdefault (7)
Dying Light (Multiplatform)

It’s been a long time since a zombie game has actually made me fear the walking dead. During my thirty plus hours in Dying Light I remember being constantly afraid to go outside during the game’s night cycle. No not because ‘ I’m ascared of the dark ‘ more because of what came out in the night. Super powerful, very fast, very angry infected that couldn’t wait to snack on me like I snack on tacos. There was a plus side to going out at night (more XP was to be earned and it was usually double the day time cycle amount) but I felt it didn’t out weigh the fact that I would die. Call me crazy right?


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That’s not to say I didn’t go out at night or that day time was less frightening, in fact the opposite was almost true. At one point I had what I’m assuming was a very rare occurrence. I encountered an infected before the story had progressed to the point I was actually supposed to find this type of infected. I was running around doing a side mission to get a hookah for some guy. That’s when I heard a small child crying. It struck a chord in my cold heart to hear that so I went to investigate. I entered a small domicile, and flew around a corner and was appalled at what I saw. This horrific, twisted shell of a human was no longer a child. I tried to run but it let out a guttural shriek, that slowed my character down. As I turned to flee I was met by an armada of the infected and consumed by ravenous mouths. I set the controller down when I respawned and processed what had just happened. It was in that moment I knew I had to get more people to try this game. So put on your free running clothes, grab a blunt object and work on your cardio for around forty five bucks. A little more pricey than what I usually throw up for you guys, but believe me it’s worth it.

Mob of the Dead (Black Ops 2 DLC)

Listen, I’m going to be real with you here, Mob of the Dead was the best part of Black Ops 2. Don’t get me wrong I still think the overall game is about as fun as cleaning up my dog’s stink mines in the back yard, but there was something more in this DLC; something visceral that the rest of the game lacked. It could have been the zombies gruesome appearances ( most of them were wrapped in barbed wire and seemed to be dripping a suspicious liquid), the overall setting of hopelessness in Alcatraz prison, or even the despair of completing the escape plan only to crash into the Golden Gate Bridge again and again. Whatever the reason, Mob of the Dead feels like its own stand alone game that I recommend fans of Call of Duty play. The guest cast does a fantastic job of voicing and putting players into the frame of mind of a criminal mobster surrounded by unexplainable events and creatures.  For only fifteen dollars you can experiance the trials and tribulations of a zombie infested Alcatraz.

Guys If we don't move he won't see us!

Guys If we don’t move he won’t see us!

Unlike most Games for Budget Gamers, I do not have anything funny or clever to close out the article. I was just sort of planning to rabble on until you backed away slowly or Tweeted at me to stop talking. But I won’t read it because I’m too busy. Sitting here, talking about nothing. Seriously go pick up these games, they are well worth the money and are a blast to play. If you have any constructive criticism or any games to recommend that fit the disturbed theme please let us know in the comments below.