Ninja Theory has always been known for making top notch action games like Heavenly Sword and DmC: Devil May Cry, and the trend of awesome combat and compelling storytelling is expected to continue with their upcoming game Hellblade.

There wasn’t much known about the game until the release of the first gameplay trailer earlier today. While the game does have all of the elements of Ninja Theory’s past games, it adds in a new wrinkle, a story told through the lens of mental illness. Hellblade’s main character, Senua, struggles with many mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety, hallucinations, and delusions, that turn the creatures of her nightmares into reality. As the trailer puts it, Senua is journeying into hell through her mental illness.

The game has been backed by the Wellcome Trust, a UK based charitable organization that is dedicated to improving health across the globe.

You can see the full gameplay debut trailer for Hellblade below.

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