Today we are proud to announce the re-launch of the Gamer Assault Weekly YouTube Channel.

Over the years we have tried to do a bit of everything from writing news and reviews, doing interviews, going to events, live streaming, making videos to the point that we did it all, but we weren’t putting out good, quality content. While we took time to focus on each project we have officially re-launched our YouTube channel which will home game trailers, Let’s Plays, Unboxings and more. You will get to meet and see different people from the site and we appreciate your patience and support as we work through our site projects. It is with your support that we have been able to be so successful.

The Let’s Play Series will feature four episodes of a game so we can keep the content changing and entertaining for you, our viewers. You will get two new videos a week!

This is the first episode, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories hosted by Jordan. Enjoy!

About The Author

Vanessa F

Vanessa is the Founder/CEO of Gamer Assault Weekly, LLC. She is an active member of the industry having worked with Warner Bros. Entertainment, Ubisoft, id Software, and CSA. She spends her time working on the site, attending as many gaming conventions as she can, and playing with friends on all systems.