Wolfenstein: The Old Blood tells a prequel story to last years The New Order and is very much set in an alternate history. The Allied forces fight a losing battle against the technologically advanced Nazi regime. The New Order had a heavier slant on the crazy science, and The Old Blood explores the paranormal stuff that has long been a part of the Wolfenstein series. A true single player experience at it’s core, Wolfenstein: The New Order felt familiar and The Old Blood takes that gameplay and does it mostly as well a second time. While I don’t feel the story elements are as strong as they were as in The New Order last year, The Old Blood is by no means poor. What we got was a brilliant standalone expansion that gives you plenty more of most of what was great about The New Order for a fraction of the cost.

This man is not a pipe.

This man is not a pipe.

The Old Blood is structured into two episodes and eight chapters. It follows series hero B.J. Blazkowicz as he once again finds himself returning to Castle Wolfenstein to secure a document that eventually set up the opening from The New Order. And the first of the two episodes does a decent job mirroring the feeling of the main game, despite the narrative aspects being slightly less present, and maps being more focused.

Throughout the standalone campaign are several new weapons and enemies. There’s the rocket pistol, a rifle with a snap on scope and a snazzy equivalent to The New Order’s automatic shotgun that I loved dual wielding. However, plenty of the game is spent with just your trusty pipe, there’s almost nothing it can’t do. Pry open grates and doors, climb walls, open heavy enemies up like tin cans; just a man and his pipe, together forever. I really enjoyed giving those dumb Nazis the business with my pipe, and just about every stabbing or disemboweling animation was fantastically brutal. New perks accompany all the new armaments and repeated instances of gun violence will bestow the new abilities.

As The Old Blood transitions into the second act, B.J. needs to make his way through the quiet town of Wulfburg, just one of the numerous throwbacks to other Wolfenstein games and indeed other Id Software properties of old. It’s nice to see Wolfenstein’s long lineage of games get even a slight nod in what are truly the best outings for the series in years. This is also the part the where the zombies introduce themselves. Some of them are even on fire. The zombie Nazi soldiers will attack the regular soldiers, so it’s fun to use them to your advantage before blowing their heads off. If you don’t blow their heads of they sponge up quite a lot of bullets.

For the money, The Old Blood is a wonderful standalone title and prequel to The New Order and totally earns the price of admission. I could see someone playing on the easiest difficulty and clearing through the whole campaign in about 6 hours, but for those willing to tackle Uber could expect to come in around 10. In addition to the story, there are challenge maps where high scores must be achieved in an allotted time. Getting headshots still looks and feel fantastic and I would argue it might even look slightly better as The Old Blood didn’t see a release on last gen marketplaces.

Yes, those zombies are on fire.

Yes, those zombies are on fire.

The characters and narrative aren’t as gripping as the mother game, and the briefer more focused level design present a little less agency, but The Old Blood is totally worth playing. Even the challenge levels had me coming back for a good bit after I had finished the main campaign. The team at Machine Games have one again crafted a fantastic shooter reminiscent of the classics while feeling modern all at once.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Review
A wonderful expansion for The New Order, that deftly repurposes most of its most lauded features and somehow finds a way to forge plenty of ground of its own.
  • Great value
  • Fantastic gunplay
  • New weapons and enemies
  • Levels are slightly constraining
  • Storytelling and characters feel slightly weaker
7.5Overall Score

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