Ultra Street Fighter IV was a huge exclusivity win for the PS4. The game is releasing this coming Tuesday, so Gio Corsi, head of Playstation’s 3rd party production, look to the PlayStation Blog to explain the new enhancements that are coming to the game.

According to the post, licensed PS3 and PS4 fight sticks will be available for use on Ultra Street Fighter IV on the PS4 thanks to some Lab Zero drivers that were added to help out all of the people who already owned a fight stick for the PS3.

In addition to the new PS3 fight stick drivers, the game will also feature full 1080p 60fps gameplay on the PS4, all the DLC that has been launched up to this point, no more of the input lag that was present on the PS3, and a low price point of $20.

You can see the launch trailer for the USF4 on PS4 below.

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