WARNING: Some contents of this video, and post, may include spoilers

The Vidcaster, Dax Ginn, over at Arkham Insiders (brought to you by Rocksteady) have unleashed a new video talking to the lead character artist, Albert Feliu Gomis, of Batman: Arkham Knight. The two sit down and really break down three major players of the game: The Arkham Knight, Scarecrow, and the Batman himself.

The video shows how the game seems to be an all out war in Gotham. The Arkham Knight is a highly militarized baddie of the Bat. With endless tanks, drones, and firepower at his disposal. From the antenna ears right down to his tacky camouflage pants, he is ready to take on Bruce and all his sidekicks.

When they move onto the Scarecrow we see that he is more horrifying and creepy than ever. Not only has he gotten all the rouge’s gallery to work together to kill Batman, but he seems to be wiser and more hateful than ever. After missing completely from Batman: Arkham City (other than an easter egg nod to him) he has evolved. Gomis’ design has him wrapped in his famous and deadly fear toxin and only time will tell what his scheme with that is.

Finally, we learn that Batman is also given his own version of a military outfit. According to Gomis, it was to resemble the new and improved Batmobile.

“When we got the design of the Batmobile, we were like, ‘Yeah, We are going to do a Batman that fits the Batmobile.’ We kind of took all the shapes, took all the colors and materials, and tried to make them to make a connection between the two. So, like, human and machine together.”

Both look exceptional and a perfect fit in the game and where it it headed.

There are some fan questions (at timestamp 5:50) that may reveal spoilers. The questions go into The Batmobile and its new features, the hardest character to design, and the balance, (ability wise) between the Arkham Knight and Batman.

Batman: Arkham Knight hits the shelves June 23rd for Playstation4, XBoxOne, and PC.


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