“You are like me, I suspect. You listen when the night calls.”

Castlevania fans around the world got a huge surprise this week as a teaser site popped up for Igarashi Koji’s new indie dream project. While word of the site spread quickly through the bowels of the internet, what many people don’t realize is that there is actually much more to this site than meets the eye. While at first glance it may seem like a simple site with only basic functionality, further inspection (and a s**t ton of clicks) reveals much more that’s hidden up the Dark Lord’s sleeve. Here is what I discovered.

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Unique Names:

As you continue to click, you will begin to earn the Dark Lord Iga’s trust. Eventually, he will give you a name that is unique to you. Here are the four names I was given using 4 separate browsers.

  • “Raum the Resurgent”
  • “Eligos the Emotional”
  • “Ronove the Ragged”
  • “Caim the Cruel”

Different Clans & Weapons:

As you continue your clicking escapade, you will eventually find yourself in a clan relating to the weapon you choose (if you continue to click the same weapon). You can always switch sides later, but not without being chastised for your cowardice and treachery. Some of the clans are:

  • Clan Sword
  • Clan Whip
    • Clan Iron Flail
    • Clan Bullwhip
  • Other Weapons and Powers
    • Cat o’ Nine Tails
    • Alchemy

Secret Items & Documents:

Some secret items and documents will unlock after a certain amount of time as well. I honestly don’t know what the requirements are for theis besides just consistent clicking. The items I’ve found so far are, but there MUST be more.

  • Team Invite: Gives you a URL to send to friends so they can join your clan.
  • The First Scroll: A scroll with the message, “The last front in an ancient war stretches across the bodies of the innocent.”
  • Battle Clock: “Tells when the next battle will occur. (24 hour cooldown)”


Other Clues & Hidden Messages:

There are TONS of hidden messages and teasers that must be hints for this site as well as for Igarashi-san’s upcoming game. Can you decipher the hidden messages? Are these messages simple teasers and jabs at Konami, or could they actually point towards actual information related to Isa-san’s new title? Here are come of my favorites:

  • “What do you do when you find yourself without a castle? Build another”
  • “The world falls down around us. It’s up to us few to build atop the rubble.”
  • “What a wonderful night to have a – but I am repeating myself.”
  • “You are like me, I suspect. You listen when the night calls”
  • “I am building a graveyard. Thank you for helping me dig.”
  • “A new, vital heart, pulsing with new blood”

More to Come?!

What does the future hold for this intriguing teaser site and Iga-san’s new game? Only the Dark Lord’s knows….


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