An Indie Metroidvania Revival

symphony-of-the-night-concept-2Since my first quest to defeat The Lord of Darkness, Count Dracula, and my first adventure exploring the hostile planet, Zebes, I have been hopelessly addicted to the (now) NES classics, Castlevania and Metroid. These two franchises changed the gaming industry, spawned a timeless genre of games, and continue to inspire countless developers around the world even today. Sadly, it has been 5 years since we received a Metroid game from Nintendo, and there is still no official word on when Samus will hunt again. Even worse, the future of the Castlevania franchise seems bleak as Igarashi Koji left Konami in 2014, and recent happenings within the once-great Japanese developer paint an even darker picture. Thankfully, the past few weeks have given fans like myself a new reason to get excited.

With the recent Sword or Whip teaser site and the subsequent, wildly successful Kickstarter for Igarashi Koji’s new Castlevania-style game, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, my cursed spirit has been cleansed and revived as hope has once again found a place in my heart. Okay, so maybe that’s a little dramatic, but I can’t even begin to express how impossibly excited I am for this new game. If you honestly knew how much time I put into playing around on the teaser site, or how much I donated towards the project on Kickstarter, you might begin to understand.

While Igarashi’s new game is tentatively set for release in 2017, there are still a lot of incredible indie developers who are still creating games that speak to fans like myself, and some of these games have even become instant classics themselves (in my humble opinion). So, in honor of Igarashi-san’s new project, and in attempt to satiate fans like myself who are craving another great Metroidvania experience, I’ve decided to share a few of my other favorite, modern Metroidvania games as well as a few upcoming ones that I’m excited for.

Here are 5 must-play Metroidvania games that are available now and 5 exciting others that are still to come.


Dust: An Elysian Tale

Developer: Humble Hearts

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Platform: Xbox 360, Steam, PS4

Rogue Legacy

Developer: Cellar Door Games

Publisher: Cellar Door Games

Platform: Steam, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

Developer: DrinkBox Studios

Publisher: DrinkBox Studios

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita, Wii U

Axiom Verge (Read Our Review)

Developer: Tom Happ

Publisher: Tom Happ

Platform: PS4, PS Vita, Steam

Ori and the Blind Forest

Developer: Moon Studios

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Platform: Xbox One, Steam


Red Goddess: Inner World

Developer: Yanim Studio

Publisher: Yanim Studio

Platform: PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, Steam


Developer: gamesbymo

Publisher: gamesbymo

Platform: Wii U, Steam


Developer: Lunar Ray Games

Publisher: Lunar Ray Games

Platform: PS4, PS Vita, 3DS, Steam


Developer: Discord Games

Publisher: Discord Games

Platform: PS4, Steam


Developer: Igarashi Koji

Publisher: Igarashi Koji

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Steam

Be sure to let us know YOUR favorite new or old-school Metroidvania games in the comment section below!

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