What is Iga? A miserable little pile of secrets. But enough talk… Have at you!

IGA6The Dark Lord of Development, Koji Igarashi (Iga), looks like he’s finally ready to make his indie debut after cutting ties with his long-time employer, Konami. For some time now, fans have been waiting patiently (or impatiently) to hear news of the legendary developer’s plans, but the silence has been deafening as no words have been uttered and no secrets have been spilled. Now, three pieces of not-so-subtle evidence have been discovered that have apparently revealed our hero’s triumphant return.

Evidence #1

The first was discovered recently on a flyer at PAX. Hidden within the secret language around the pentagram in this flyer is the phrase, “WHAT A WONDERFUL NIGHT TO HAVE A KS.” For those who may be to young to remember, “WHAT A HORRIBLE NIGH TO HAVE A CURSE” is what appears during the daytime to nighttime transition sequence in Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. This cryptic cypher led us to believe that Igarashi-san would soon be ready to reveal his new indie title via Kickstarter. But wait! There’s more!


Evidence #2

The next bit of evidence came when a user by the name of “IGAVANIA” posted two halves of an image to separate Castlevania sites. Each of the images combined to make a whole showing the familiar pentagram along with the even more familiar classic Castlevania weapons, the sword and the whip resting atop two pedestals. Along with this post was the message, “The first sign rises with the full moon. Soon, I will return.” Today being the first full moon to follow these messages left us wondering what might happen…. until we received the last piece of evidence.


Evidence #3

IGA7Finally, the night of the full moon, and what a glorious night it is. Today we have been blessed by the great “???,” otherwise known as “IGAVANIA,” with what appears to be the first official site for Igarashi Koji’s new title. SwordorWhip.com reveals a strangely familiar Lord of Darkness with an even more peculiar face. The appropriately named, “???”,  asks visitors to pick between the sword or the whip. How coy, Igarashi-san.

As we await the actual details to what is certain to be the reveal of Igarashi Koji’s independent dream project, fan-boys and girls all around the world will be weeping sweet tears of joy in anticipation, myself included.

What is Iga? A miserable little pile of secrets indeed.


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