It wasn’t long ago that Valve and Bethesda agreed to implement an option allowing mod creators to be compensated for their work. The system was put in place with the hopes that it would encourage modders to focus more time on their creations and provide better quality. While the intentions may have seemed innocent enough, it was met with severe user backlash.

Between what some thought was an unfair distribution of funds (25%  to the creators), lack of quality control and accountability as well as what it could mean for the future of mods in general, Valve’s own CEO Gabe Newell had to step in and do some damage control.

And yet, the community’s negative feedback continued. So much so that Valve has rescinded their initial decision to allow creators to monetize their mods.

In an official statement on the Steam Community forums, Valve explained its decision:

“We’re going to remove the payment feature from the Skyrim workshop. For anyone who spent money on a mod, we’ll be refunding you the complete amount. We talked to the team at Bethesda and they agree.”

The statement goes on to clarify their initial intentions for the paid mod system, citing the success of games like DayZ and Dota 2 as inspiration in which mods became full fledged games. However  Valve also admitted their lack of understanding in the way it was carried out.

Another statement was also made by Bethesda in regards to the removal of the paid mod system, stating a simple fact: “the feedback has been clear – this is not a feature you want”

It goes to show that if the community unites, their voice will be heard.

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