In a surprising move, Sony has acquired all US and foreign patents and some patent related assets filed by game streaming company OnLive.

What this means is that Sony basically owns all operating assets for OnLive, so in light of this deal, OnLive will be shutting down its services on and shutting the doors on the company all together.

OnLive was the original game streaming platform when it released in 2010, but it never found a foothold in the market and eventually closed in 2012. In 2013, an investor purchased the company and relaunched its services in 2014.

It is assumed that Sony will use the patents to bolster their PlayStation Now game streaming service, but it isn’t known how they will utilize the new patents to do so.

Phillip Rosenberg, SCE’s VP of Global Business Development and SCEA’s SVP of Business Development and Publisher Relations, had this to say about the acquisition of OnLive’s assets, “These strategic purchases open up great opportunities for our gamers, and gives [sic] Sony a formidable patent portfolio in cloud gaming. It is yet another proof point that demonstrates our commitment to changing the way gamers experience the world of PlayStation.”

OnLive will end its service and shut its doors on April 30th.


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