“The Freedom to Create, The Freedom To Choose…”

While action RPG games tend to feature world exploration as one of their main mechanics, it’s rare to see a game that lets you have a hand at creating the worlds you explore. It’s an interesting concept set forth by Izle, a working title by Ynnis Interactive.

The most apt description would seem like a mix between Minecraft and the Zelda series, combing the construction elements of the former with the combat and exploration of the latter.

With Izle, you’ll find yourself inhabiting the last world of light. A small island, aptly named Izle, is all that’s left of a great war. From here on it’s up to the player to rebuild their world with the use of powers that are granted by the Gods. The powers allow players to build new islands, which in turn will charge them with a variety of quests. Once completed, the player’s ability to terraform more lands will grow exponentially.


terraformA big draw to Izle is how unique every environment will be. All islands are procedurally generated, meaning a unique number of variations between them. With that, everything within the islands will be procedural as well. Everything from the location of enemies, the AI which controls them, dungeon placement, loot and chest locations, everything will be randomly generated to ensure players will find no two islands that are alike.

The islands themselves will also house different attributes depending on which element they focus on. Everything from forests and grassy hill populated islands to harsher terrain such as erupting volcanoes or frozen tundras can be found.

The elements can also influence what kind of bonuses players will receive, which opens up a slue of strategic possibilities in the Strategic World Map. The overworld map will show the location of specific bonuses unique to certain islands, such as equipment bonus chests, teleporters, vendors and more.  And probably the most important thing, the location of shadows.



With an unseeingly limitless power to create available, players will also have to face consequences. Players will be racing against the clock against the shadows, the dark power which is responsible for the destruction of the world. Every time a player falls in battle, the presence of shadows gets stronger, destroying more and more of your world.

The destruction can be slowed down for a time through use of special shards of light, but doing so will limit the resources available for players to craft some of the most powerful weapons and armor. The risk reward system makes for an interesting dynamic for players, where the safety of the land comes at a personal cost.


And yet, allowing the shadow invasion to proceed doesn’t necessarily mean an end for players. If they so choose, players can let themselves be completely overtaken by the shadow, becoming a shadow man. While this grants great strength to the players, it also means more of Izle will suffer and be sacrificed as a result.


It’s this freedom of choice that stands at the core of the game. With Izle, Ynnis Interactive is making it so players can have the chance to pursue whatever path they want to take. By doing so, they set up an interesting dynamic where players can take a more selfish route and sacrifice the rest of the world for personal gain, or sacrifice their own quest for strength for the greater good.

The freedom of choice is also present with how players choose to equip their characters. Rather than rely on the traditional restrictions to make sure players always have one of each (weapons, armor, etc) equipped, Izle removes any such constraints.

Instead, players are met with a choice in abilities. While most items will have unique abilities and skills, players are not limited in what they equip where. So if a player chooses to traverse the world wearing 4 different pairs of boots, then that is what they will do.


The only constrains players will encounter is the 8 ability slots, which can be equipped with whatever items and skills they choose. Each skill is closely tired to a specific element, with wind giving bonuses to speed and maneuverability, earth increasing health and armor and so forth. In the end it makes for a near limitless combination of traits for players to truly explore what this world has to offer.

Izle is an ambitious game that promises a lot, but the team looks to be hard at work to make sure they deliver on those promises. Right now the game currently sits on Kickstarter, with 20 days to go to reach their 90,000 goal.



Homepage: Izlegame.com

Developer:  Ynnis Interactive

Platform: Steam (PC, Mac and Linux), Wii U, PSN, XBLA

Release Date: TBA, currently on Kickstarter

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