For those of you that can’t wait to dive into Deep Silver’s sequel to Dead Island, you are going to have to wait just a bit longer. The team at Deep Silver whom was tasked with developing Dead Island 2 has decided to push the game all the way back to 2016. Apparently they game needs more time in the lab before the team let’s people sink their teeth into it.. Ah poorly structured zombie jokes.

Any way, the team released a statement on the game’s Twitter account that stated “We have always set ourselves a big goal for Dead Island 2: to create the sequel that takes Dead Island to the next level. A game that takes what our fans tell us they love about Dead Island – multiple different characters to play with, co-op, and turning a paradise setting into a zombie slaughter melee- and a game that adds a ton more content and combat on top of that.”

The statement goes on to say that the team feels they have yet to reach that goal and that a 2016 release of the game would only give the team more time to make it better for the players.


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