There have been rumors floating around that Animal Crossing was going to have some kind of Amiibo support. Today during Nintendo Direct those rumors were confirmed, just not in the way you were imagining. There won’t be Amiibo figure support. Instead it will be Amiibo cards.

These Amiibo cards will work alongside the latest Animal Crossing game, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, which was also announced during the same Nintendo Direct. The game moves away from the sim life game of the typical Animal Crossing title, but rather, focuses on the homemaking aspect. You will design rooms and homes for your animals in your town, and for other peoples animals as well. Think of yourself as just recently employeed by the Happy Home Academy. It was unfortunate that you lost your job as mayor, (they were bound to find you out eventually) but look on the bright side. Now you can tell people how to style their rooms, and if they don’t like it, well tough luck!

Now this is where the cards come in. Each with have a code to scan which corresponds to a character. New characters mean fun new design challenges and items to work with. But surprisingly enough, this game doesn’t require the New 3DS XL to play.

Nintendo is kindly releasing a circular scanner that will read the Amiibo card and transmit the code to your 3DS. Much cheaper then breaking down to buy a whole new console.

Expect all this great new Animal Crossing goodness sometime this spring!

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