Years ago, two alien rappers crash landed on earth and set out on a mission to rebuild their ship while evading the hostile Earthlings, from angry nerds to cannibal mailboxes. While originally teased in a Facebook post back in February  Toejam and Earl are getting the indie treatment by Humanature Studios via kickstarter.

With 15 days left and about half way to their goal, they’ve added a few more stretch goals for fans of the series, focusing on bringing the game to home consoles, along with some bonuses for the game:


The first stretchgoals come in at $600k, $700k and $800K, which plan to bring the game to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U Respectively.

In addition, at $550k they will include work from guest composers such as John Baker (original ToeJam and Earl) along with other musicians.

The game currently sites at about $275k of their $400K. With 14 days to go, fans can still donate at their official kickstarter here.

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