Every year for the past few years, I have gone to the SXSW gaming expo, and each year it has felt different. Last year the gaming expo felt small and very misplaced. There was a lot of geek culture but not much gaming. This year definitely changed the tone from previous years. The ever expanding world of indie gaming was there in full force, and there were some big names that took the spotlight. This year’s focus of the gaming expo was Chris Robert’s crowdfunded game “Star Citizen.” But what about the rest of the show?

The show floor is always broken up into a giant MLG match, which was actually cut down this year to make room for  the giant board game floor sponsored by Felicia Day’s Geek and Sundry that took up the center of the show floor this year.

There were many stand out indie titles, such as “Gods Will Be Watching”. Think about if you took the extreme case of moral choices  such as eating someone or having to torture someone to get information out of them, this game will definitely make you question who you are as a person.

Another great indie title that caught my eye was FRAMED, imagine a crime thriller told in a comic book style, but you have to recreate the story by moving the frames around piece by piece while trying to not get caught. It is definitely something different in a market that is starting to be

Now finally probably my FAVORITE FAVORITE game of the SXSW gaming expo in the indie department was BROFORCE. Take every 80’s action movie star, put them into the art style of super meat boy, and then make it like metal slug and that is BROFORCE. Oh and add Bro to everything and just blow everything up Michael Bay style!

The big hitters didn’t make a show of it like they did last year. Microsoft was there, but if you were’t looking for the booth, you could definitely miss it, and there was no presence at all from companies like Nintendo or Sony. They may have been scared off by the scant crowds and odd feel of 2014.

There was definitely a noticeable change to the tone and feel of the gaming expo in 2015. You can see it starting to become part of the SXSW family, and within the next couple of year, it might be able to reach the level of other gaming expos across the country.

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