DC will be launching its own MOBA on Steam this coming March by the name of Infinite Crisis. From its steam page:

DCinfinitecrisisThe game will feature a roster compromised of heroes and villains from all over the DC multiverse, everything from Vampire Batman to Mecha Superman. Like a traditional MOBA, players will engange in team battles against other players in set maps. Each map will have the teams starting on opposing sides and they will progress down set lanes to Ganges in combat.

The current game boasts four maps, one to correspond to each game mode:

  • Crime Ally – 1 versus AI. A private map for beginners to practice and get used to gameplay with their selected champions.
  • Gotham Divided – 5 versus 5; Three lanes. The most traditional MOBA map consisting of three lanes and two bases. The main objective is to destroy the Power Core inside the enemy base
  • Gotham Heights – 5 versus 5; Capture and Hold. Emphasizes team work as players are tasked with holding capture points. The longer points a held the more damage is done to the enemy’s Power Core.
  • Coast City – 5 versus 5; Two lanes. Players work together to destroy the opposing team’s Power Core.

Infinite Crisis will also be a free to play title like other traditional MOBA’s, and feature micro transactions. The game will go live on March 26th on steam. Players can also check the game’s main page for more information.

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