A handful of even more characters to use in the upcoming roguelike cross over Etrian Mystery Dungeon have been revealed. With the launch only a few weeks away its better to come prepared to create the best party possible for diving into these dungeons! First we take a look at the Ninja class, this class will use abilities to bind, trick, and deal damage to your foes. As per the classic class standard, the Ninja can’t take too many hits, but makes up for it in speed and dodge ability.

Ninja (1) Ninja (2) Ninja (3) Ninja (4) Ninja ninja_3D ninja_3Dm

Next we have the Sovereign, this class focuses on buffing your party and ensuring they can take plenty of hits. A royal class, the Sovereign isn’t afraid to take a beating and dish it right back.

Sov_f Sov_m Sovereign (1) Sovereign (2) Sovereign (3) Sovereign (4) Sovereign (5) Sovereign (6) Sovereign (7) Sovereign_f Sovereign_m

Etrian Mystery Dungeon is still set to release on April 7th for the Nintendo 3DS system.

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